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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Computer Consulting News: Open-X change Releases New Samba Extension

Open-X change announced to the computer consulting world that it will now offer an extension for Samba called “OX-tender” that will give users total access to Windows Server long-on, file and print services without the hassle of Windows Server. The product was announced in January, but is just now shipping it in April.

According to Frank Basanta, director of technology at Systems Solutions, a major New-York-based computer consulting firm the new product is excellent. He states that he has already begun to implement the beta version of the OX-tender product into the systems of many clients, and they have been very pleased with the way it handles.

Open-X change used with the new OX-tender software can not use Samba instead of Windows NT 4.0 servers or Exchange Server 5.5 servers to connect simply to Windows workstations.

Samba is an often-used open-source project that makes it easier for Linux and Windows to work together. With Samba, e-mail messages, documents and files can be put in a single place, simplifying administrative processes.

The maintenance cost for OX-tender is $250 per year for 25 users, and support for every user beyond that is just $5 per year. The Samba Extender requires Open-Exchange’s 5.0 server, which costs approximately $850 per year for 25 users.

Open-X change also stated recently that it added 100 mobile phones and other devices to its SyncML Oxtender and will offer free support for them through January 2007.

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