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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Computer Service Company Management Requires a Leadership Style

As a computer service company manager, you need to know about different styles of leadership and learn to use one that will motivate your employees best. The four different types of styles that can be used by computer service company management are dictatorial, analytical, opinion seeking and democratic. While most managers will want to use the democratic style, there are other times when computer service company management has to use one of the others to get a job done correctly.


If you choose this style of management, you make all decisions on your own and take responsibility for any risks. A manager using the dictatorial technique will be controlling and discouraging of teamwork, but will be most capable of getting through a crisis. It can produce a negative and stifling work environment, so it should be used very infrequently.


The analytical leader analyzes and collects data and observes in order to figure out the best methods. This style is a good management style for times when a quick decision needs to be made, but gives no time for teamwork and group solutions.


A computer service company is built around valuable employees, and a manager that uses the opinion seeking style is showing great respect for his workers. This style involves asking each team member for suggestions, which increases morale and builds confidence. It takes a great deal of time and patience, but is worth it if there is time.


The democratic style is much like opinion seeking, but involves group rather than individual opinions. This should be the style used regularly by computer service company management because it encourages employees to take ownership of their work and work harder to achieve goals.

As a computer service company manager, you need to be ready to motivate team members by using the democratic process and opinion-seeking will make the times when the dictatorial or analytical styles are necessary pass more quickly and efficiently. Consider the needs of each employee and be prepared to offer more guidance and support when necessary.

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