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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Computer Reseller Business Marketing: Gauging Your Store's Physical Appearance

Maintaining a good physical appearance is very important for computer reseller business owners. Customers will base many of their important decisions on how your store looks, and you have to step into their shoes when gauging your store’s appearance. The following three factors impact how a customer will view your computer reseller business: cleanliness; smell; and clutter.


Customers will view the cleanliness of your store as a method for determining how competent the management is. Stores in the computer reseller business are often dirty, and customers will probably expect yours to be too when they walk in the door. They imagine that because repairs are being made in the shop, there will be dust on the computers and that employees will be dressed informally. If you focus on a spotless environment with employees dressed sharply and even in uniform, they will be pleasantly surprised, and you will stand out. Also be vigilant about cleaning your bathrooms.


The smell of your computer reseller business is often something owners don’t think about, but it can affect the image of the store profoundly. It should not smell like a repair shop, cleaning products or oils. You should think about providing baked goods and coffee for clients to enjoy while they look through your inventory; the smell of these products will be pleasant and will help persuade people to stay and see what you have to offer.


When you are tying to get rid of clutter in your computer reseller business, begin with the storefront window. Showcase only the products that will be most likely to attract customers. The next stop in removing clutter is the retail space. Products should be organized and displayed in a helpful way. Storage areas should also be neatly kept so employees can more easily find products and efficiently help customers.

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