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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Motivating Computer Service Company Operations Employees

As a computer service company manager, it’s your job to motivate your employees. You need to be familiar with the many motivational strategies in order to assure your computer service company runs smoothly. Your business will enjoy more success if your employees enjoy their jobs and feel pushed to do their best.


A successful motivational strategy will recognize an employee’s work, make him feel in control of his job and be satisfying for him. The following techniques can be used to help managers get the most out of their computer service company staff: make the job worker-friendly; evaluate jobs that aren’t challenging or are monotonous; involve workers in every aspect of the job, including the planning process.


A computer service company will undoubtedly come across unenthusiastic employees at some point. The lack of enthusiasm can be attributed to a variety of factors; he might be in the office all day, or just in charge of one part of the business. Any of these factors can make for an incredibly dull workday, and as a responsible manager you will need to reevaluate this employee’s job and try to make it more worker-friendly. Maybe you can diversify the parts the employee is in charge of servicing. Regardless of what you do, the goal is to help the employee feel a sense of accomplishment and be more interested in his job.


When you enrich a job, you rework it to make it more challenging or diversify the tasks involved. Train employees stuck answering phones all day in the office to complete other aspects of business, such as sales outside that give him direct contact with customers. Training employees in this way will also allow you to be more flexible with job assignments.


As a manager you can motivate his team further by allowing staff to help him set weekly goals, quotas or business standards. The team members will know what they can achieve and will set goals for themselves rather than backing out because they don’t know what to expect. Give your employees the chance to work independently to set goals and step in only when necessary. Your employees will be pushed to work harder and your computer service company will be more likely to grow and thrive.

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