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Monday, April 10, 2006

Computer Service Repair Business and Providing Customer Service During All Aspects of a Sale

Customer service is a crucial part of the computer service repair business, because computer service repair is about working with customers to solve problems. All aspects of computer repair should be focused on the customer and his problem. There are three phases of customer service, and very often the first and last are ignored. The most important phases are customer service before the repair, during the computer service repair and after the service.


As a computer service repair employee scheduling an appointment, you need to be mindful of the customer because your contact will be his first impression of the company. A customer who feels taken care-of will feel comfortable and be less anxious about the outcome of the service.


A computer service repair technician should arrive at a job prepared to solve customer problems. As a computer service repair technician, you will be expected to listen carefully to concerns and provide valuable responses. You need to report delays and speak in terms your customers will understand and not in excessively technical jargon that will leave them bewildered.


Following up with customers after a sale is critical to good customer service. Just because a computer service repair is done doesn’t mean the relationship is over. Your customers should feel comfortable calling you with follow-up questions and concerns, and you should be prepared to return to fix problems that may not have been previously repaired. Think about writing hand-written thank-you notes as part of the customer service campaign.

Every aspect of the computer service repair business is centered on customer service. Getting feedback from customers can help you make changes and improvements so you can help ensure referrals and calls for repeat business.

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