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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Computer Service Repair Employees and Compensation

Computer service repair managers need to compensate hard-working computer service repair employees. A good manager will be aware of the different types of compensation and be able to offer the best package for employees as soon as they are hired. There are several different types of compensation plans, including hourly wage, salary, commission, and pay-for-performance.


This type of compensation allows a business to pay directly for the time computer service repair employees put into the job. This type works well with entry-level and part-time employees. Managers can increase the wage after an employee has more experience or after a certain amount of time.


Paying computer service repair employees a salary works quite similarly to paying them an hourly wage, but it allows for long-term possibilities and gives employees a sense of job security. Salaries should include a cost-of-living raise annually.


The commission method is not very well-suited for computer service repair employees because it caters to driven, enthusiastic sales people. Customer service is vital to computer service repair, and pushing sales does not make for good long-term relationships with clients.


This type of compensation is excellent for the computer service repair business. It offers a small base salary for each employee, and then lets the rest of the compensation depend upon individual performance. This method allows for monthly bonuses for referral business, good reviews, etc.

Computer service repair employees also benefit from combinations of the above compensation plans. For example, managers might use a salary plus a bonus stock option plan.

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