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Sunday, April 30, 2006

IT Consulting Firm Declares Mobile Viruses More Widespread

A Helsinki, Finland-based IT consulting firm announced this week that mobile viruses have become a worldwide problem. According to IT consulting firm F-Secure, the number of existing viruses has doubled since November 2005, and continues to increase at a phenomenal rate.

F-Secure stated that there are approximately 200 mobile viruses in cyberspace currently, whereas in November, there were only about 100. Many of these viruses are hybrids of or variations on viruses that have already been found and dealt with. The latest viruses analyzed by the computer consulting firm, entitled StealWar.E is a variation on an older virus. StealWar.E is a SIS file, Trojan virus that drops viruses into mobile devices. The IT consulting company states it expects to see more viruses erupting in the coming months.

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