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Monday, May 01, 2006

IT Consultants: Recommending Video Monitors and PCs

Most PC vendors will give good prices to consumers that buy monitors at the same time as desktop PCs. IT consultants that normally recommend brand name PC products should keep certain things in mind when talking to their clients.


As IT consultants, you should price every PC both with and without the monitor to gauge what clients are actually paying. After pricing using both systems, you can figure out whether or not the monitor price is actually similar to the price it would be if you purchased a monitor separately.

Soft cost considerations are the most important to think about as IT consultants recommending PCs and monitors. When buying the monitor as part of a package with the desktop PC, the monitor warranty is typically included in on-site warranty coverage. This means if your client’s monitor needs to be replaced during the warranty period, the PC vendor can ship a replacement at no cost.


Warranties can offer very useful benefits, including the following pluses:

1. Clients of IT consultants don’t need to store and keep packing materials for both monitors and PCs because they don’t need to remember the details for the monitor purchased. They also don’t need to buy return shipping supplies because they can return the broken monitor in the same box when the replacement arrives.
2. Clients don’t have to find a local shipping outlet because PC vendors typically will include return shipping labels for their preferred freight carrier in the replacement package.
3. Customers of IT consultants can save money on freight costs. When the PC vendor sends return shipping labels it saves the cost of sending the package back, which can easily save at least $25.

Buying a monitor with a PC and getting both purchases as a package with an on-site warranty, besides saving money can save a half hour or an hour each time a monitor needs to be replaced.

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