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Monday, April 24, 2006

IT Spending: Teaching Customers About Making the Best Purchases

Many times clients need advice from you as a consultant on their IT spending behavior. There are several ways you can guide your clients towards making wise IT spending decisions.


Upgrades are a good way for clients to use budget surpluses, and they should count on upgrading and replacing PC’s as often as possible. Entry-level PC’s are typically one-half to two-thirds less expensive than the latest and greatest models and can keep them ahead of the curve while controlling their IT spending. Make sure you add in several hours of time for configuring each PC from an older to newer machine.


You want your clients to think about discussions you have about future IT projects as investment opportunities rather than a chance to purchase something or spend money. Planned PC hardware purchases can positively affect investment (ROI), and you should help clients realize this. Your clients should not be viewing PC’s as office equipment, rather as assets that directly impact the success or failure of their company moreso than any fax machine, photocopier or water cooler.


You need to stress how important technology investments are in the world of IT spending, and how they can truly make the business what it is financially. Before clients decide on any major investments, you should inform them of expected cost and benefits as well as ways to measure the strength of these benefits.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg