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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Solution Provider and Service Provider OmniTI Joins Coalition

Email solution provider and host OmniTI Computer Consulting declared on Wednesday that it had joined the Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC). The Coalition is a group of industry professionals that help fight spam and problems associated with aspects of email delivery.

OmniTI’s association with ESPC is consistent with the solution provider’s history of providing to clients. Its Ecelerity email solutions pioneered the process of adding Internet Service Provider best practices that helped ensure email delivery.

Because of this new membership to the ESPC, the solution provider now has even more of a reason to commit to providing clients with services that are of the highest industry caliber. The fact that the company has already proven its ability to stick to email best practices ensured its membership, and the ESPC has expressed that it looks forward to the role this solution provider will play in helping deepen the organization.

Solution provider OmniTI has already begun to actively engage in training to help employees better understand the latest best practices and proactive ways to fight spam and improve the quality of services.

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