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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Network Consulting Service Onsite Chicago Adds Goodman Packing to Client List

Chicago-based network consulting services firm Onsite Chicago added Goodman Packaging to its list of IT clients. The packaging company will not rely on Onsite Chicago for all its network and computer repair services.

Onsite Chicago will help Goodman Packaging by giving advice to the medium-sized business on how to leverage its network infrastructure in a cost-effective way. The network consulting services firm will use expert consultants with expertise in many different computer issues to provide on-going support for the company’s complicated infrastructure.

A spokesperson for Onsite Chicago states that they have divided Goodman’s project into three parts: securing the network infrastructure; providing an on-going solution; and implementing a response system that will work onw and in the future. The company states this was a challenging project to assess, and the network consulting firm had to provide an audit analysis, evaluate options that would fit a strict budget and implement very strict parameters for the project. The project will be completed within the year.

Goodman Packaging is one of only several companies in the Chicago area that will provide high-speed wireless options for its employees and clients. Onsite Chicago is planning to add an enterprise-wide security package that will help with security and filtering along with anti-virus initiatives. The backup strategy will include a live packet filtering system.

Goodman Packaging Equipment (GPE) has offered case packaging solutions to clients for 35 years. Onsite Chicago offers business technology and network consulting services for many companies throughout the Chicago, IL area. The company has over 1700 Gold Subscribed clients and provides service to many different types of companies, from large construction to small architectural start-ups.

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