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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Partnering and the Prospecting List

Creating a partner prospecting list will help you with your partnering goal. A prospecting list can be created quite easily. Simply write down the next 12 months on a piece of paper, starting with the current month. For each month, write down the following:

1. The name of a person
2. The name of a company
3. The type of role the company or person plays.

Obviously you probably don’t know 12 people or companies that you’d like to engage in partnering with or you would be already engaged, but you probably know some people to fill in at least a couple slots. If you know three non-competing technology providers, for example, in your area and have spoken with those people at events, trainings or meetings you probably should take the opportunity to talk with them about partnering in the near future.


In order to work on filling in the remaining partnering slots, you will need to figure out what you want to do and what you can do in your business. What gaps are there? What have small business clients asked you to do in the past or what will they ask you to do in the future that you have been or will be unable to do with your current business? The people that might be able to help you with these questions should go in the remaining slots on your prospecting list.


You can figure out what type of partner you need by thinking about your weaknesses and the gaps in your experience. Finding someone in partnering that can fill in the gaps can help save you time and energy and can improve your business. Once you find prospects, put them on the list and plan when you will call them to discuss opportunities.

Once you make a list of twelve people, plot out a priority schedule to meet with all of them within the next twelve months. A well-planned prospecting list can lead to fruitful partnerships.

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