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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Solution Provider Arrow Electronics Pairs with McAfee, Inc.

Solution provider Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions, the business aspect of Arrow Electronics, Inc. stated yesterday that it is set to pair with McAfee, Inc. to offer two new courses to system engineers in order to provide general enterprise security product training. The two sessions of these new courses will take place in Virginia this week.

These courses are designed to help the solution provider augment its security trainings and course offerings to system engineers in response to the many new vulnerabilities and attacks taking place in the business world each year. These courses that were ccrafted by Arrow will be free of charge for all McAfee SecurityAlliance™ solution providers.

Both courses will provide both a lecture and lab designed to teach engineers how to be proactive about network vulnerabilities and security threats by utilizing McAfee’s specially-designed approach to management. Attendees will learn how new appliances can help different organizations and how to get the most out of Foundation Enterprise solutions; Foundation Enterprise is an automated security solution that can help simplify existing vulnerability management systems by protecting the network infrastructure through asset examination, inventory and prioritization. The solution also addresses threat intelligence, regulatory compliance measurement, tracking and reporting.

According to McAfee Foundation Vulnerability spokesperson Rich Severa, the courses are created especially to educate partners of Arrow and McAfee about the evolution of security solutions. They will hopefully increase awareness and knowledge in a way that will allow solution providers and others to better support and supply clients with the appropriate security technologies.

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