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Monday, April 17, 2006

IT Consultants: Implications of Government Contracts

Many IT consulting firms go after government contracts because they are attached to misperceptions about this type of work being easy money. Most IT consulting terms will end up being frustrated by the amount of work associated with government contracts, and therefore have to consider the various pros and cons before getting involved.


The biggest advantage to working with a government agency for IT consulting firms is the potential money that can be made. While there are both small and large contracts available in the market, the larger contracts can pay enough to sustain IT consulting firms far into the future with guaranteed paychecks. The government, unlike small businesses or individuals, will not run out of money all of a sudden.

Working with government contracts also means you will be able to get in contact with people easily because public directories exist both online and on paper with names and job titles of decision makers.

IT consulting firms with a good relationship with government agencies will find themselves with many advantages, including future referrals that could lead to more contracts in the future.


While payment is guaranteed in government contracts, the paychecks could come very slowly. There will also probably be time delays for approvals of aspects of jobs because there may be multiple decision makers involved. Sometimes similarly, one decision maker might turn a job down and cause you to lose a contract.

Often with government contracts there is also a great deal of paperwork, so you will probably spend a lot of time filling out documentation and forms.

As an IT consulting firm, you should look into all the advantages and disadvantages of government contracts in order to insure less frustration and greater benefits.

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