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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Computer Skills Your Staff Needs

If you don’t have advanced tech or computer skills, you can still work efficiently with sweet spot small business clients just by putting in some extra time each week studying.


One way to hone your computer skills is to get a not-for-resale (NFR) copy of a product you intend to sell, install or support and work with it in your computer lab. If you have a spare half-hour or an hour, you or members of your staff can go through all the basic installations on the product and then break the installations on purpose to practice reinstalling the software as many times as it takes to be comfortable with the process. Most of the products installed for small businesses are well-developed technologies that are wizard-driven and won’t demand great computer skills from you.


Installations of major software packages are much easier than they were several years ago. Microsoft in particular has spent a great deal of time and money making their business products simpler to install and use for those without advanced IT or networking computer skills.

In order to service sweet spot clients on a technical computer skills level, your staff needs the following expertise:

1. Strong PC hardware skills
2. The ability to handle a P2P set-up
3. An understanding of TCP/IP
4. A knowledge of POP3 and SMTP
5. The ability to work with SOHO routers.

If your staff already has these skills, your company will be at a good point to start with smaller sweet spot small businesses.

Be a proactive manager and share training tips and your experiences with staff members so you can all help each other grow and learn. If everyone shares knowledge, there’s not chance of any staff members progressing far beyond the rest, blackmailing you, trying to get huge raises or bonuses or worse, leaving and taking your client base.

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