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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

IT Consultants More Stressed Out Than Other Professionals

According to many experts, IT consultants are more stressed-out and have greater health risks than other professionals. Specifically, many IT consultants are at risk for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) because they sit down all day.

Freelance computer programmer Chris Simmons stated that he collapsed from DVT after an eight-hour home shift. The key to staying healthy is to get up and move around often. Experts suggest that IT consultants and other professionals working long hours drink lots of water, stand up and stretch and clench calf muscles while sitting occasionally. DVT is marked by excruciating pain and is caused by restricted blood flow to the veins of the legs.

Other research has proven that IT consultants also suffer from more stress than other professionals. A survey conducted by the online learning company SkillSoft discovered that 97 percent of people in the IT industry think of their daily life as stressful. Four out of five IT consultants feel stress even before they get to work, just from thinking about anticipated problems and issues. One in four IT consultants has stated that he/she had to take time off due to extreme stress.

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