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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

PC Repair Business Helped by Multi-PC Homes

The PC repair business and PC services business is getting a lot of work thanks to the trend in the U.S. towards households with multiple computers. Service firms that want to help with PC maintenance, PC repair and home network management along with hardware selection will continue to become busier as the number of households with multiple computers and a variety of needs increases.

As early as September 2007, most homes in the United States could have two or more PCs according to experts that have analyzed data from the last 13 months. More conservative predictions based on three years of data state the switch will occur within the next three years. Much of what happens will depend on the economics and techniques of the PC market.

As it stands now, almost 80% of U.S. households have one PC or more. The average as of April was 1.9 computers per household. Forty-one percent of households polled in April owned two or more PCs, with 19% having three or more. Despite this obvious growth, the number of U.S. households without PCs of any kind has remained at about 20% for the past three years.

The multi-PC trend is pushing many family members to act as their own tech managers, even though they don’t have the skills. This has caused many PC repair companies and IT consulting firms to emerge with specialties in the home, personal computer market. The businesses geared towards families and PCs include Best Buy’s “Geek Squad,” CompUSA’s “Techknowledgists” and “Geeks on Call.” The growing home computer opportunities could end up being a very large business.

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