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Monday, May 22, 2006

IT Consulting: How to Track Time and Invoices

If you are new to the IT consulting business you need to learn about common mistakes made that involve tracking and invoicing. Staying away from these mistakes will give your company a better financial outlook and will help reduce stress by giving you more control over your business.


Time tracking, billing, creating invoices and collecting through credit cards are all major parts of IT consulting. Many people ask which software they need to use for time tracking and billing, but paying the most attention to this keeps your eye off more important issues.

The truth is, tracking time and invoicing is not only about your software. You should use software that makes the process simpler, but the software will not fix the problems attached to IT consulting and this procedure.


Your long-term clients will see your IT consulting company as insurance, and will be motivated to pay the bills on time. The clients you should be looking for are those that will fear not paying invoices on time because they would be afraid it would make you forget about them.

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