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Monday, May 22, 2006

PC Help from Computer Consulting 101

It is always advisable for companies to seek out a local computer consulting firm to handle major tech issues and provide on-going guidance for PC users. But many computer problems are simple enough to be dealt with by even the most technologically challenged individual. Before you call your computer consulting help, reboot.

To reboot, simply exit out of all files and programs, then go through a typical shutdown/reboot sequence. If the computer issue seems to be hardware related – if it involves a sound card, mouse or any other item – you can go one step further to try to rectify the problem. Shut down your PC, then turn the power off for a minute or more. Then restart and see if the problem has fixed itself.

The experts at Computer Consulting 101 have found that sometimes in about ten to twenty percent of the cases, a reboot is all it takes to solve computer problems. Rebooting is easy, and it can’t hurt. Plus it can save a potentially expensive call to a computer consulting firm.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg