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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

IT Specialist: Keeping Your Options Open

As an IT specialist, your main marketing concern should be finding an area of focus that gives you a good and high quality pool of prospects. If you have identified your best clients as small accounting offices, for example, you can do a quick search online to find out how many small accounting offices are located within a one hour radius of your location. You can also contact a trade group from the industry of focus or talk with a mailing list broker to get the same information.


Marketing to a small segment of the market, or a niche is easier than trying to appeal to the masses. You will be able to easily identify specific trade publications in which to advertise and will not waste time and money with generic ads in newspapers, on the radio or in the phone book.

Once you have expertise as an IT specialist, you will be worth more to potential clients than your competition. Your marketing message will feel specific to your prospects, and every written item you put out will have a consistent mission.


Your message should not ring true with everyone. If it is too universal, you will get into price wars with other IT specialists and consultants. You want to be more than a commodity.


Find out if there is a local newsletter or magazine that all prospects read and try to get an ad in it, write an article or become a part of an organization by volunteering or speaking at events. Make sure you mention how your company provides specialized services to that particular group.

You can get into the IT specialist business in many different ways, but the most important aspect of infiltration is to find what you enjoy doing and use targeted marketing strategies to make yourself known and set you apart from the others.

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