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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Complimenting Notebook PC Warranties

If your intention is to encourage clients to buy extended service plans for their new notebook PCs, you need to get a written statement that explains what is covered. PC vendors are not always specific about what is covered by warranties, and sometimes you will only be able to guess what might be missing by looking at the written warranties from different PC sellers.


Most notebook PC vendors make it a point to not cover claims that arise from obvious neglect, such as spilling liquid on a notebook or dropping it. Other notebook PC sellers might cover these hazards under limited warranties that cost significantly more than the standard.

You should think about whether your clients and their end users will be traveling often with their notebook PCs. Unlike non-portable desktops, notebooks will often be toted around, many times throughout the world.


Some notebook PC sellers have international warranty coverage built into the base price of the extended warranty. In many cases, however, this coverage is an extra charge. Even if your clients’ end users do not travel internationally, you will want to ask about this type of international coverage and the specifics.

Regardless of the type of PC, whether desktop or notebook, you will need to determine whether the extended warranty of the PC is on-site or the technicians come to clients. In some cases, clients will have to ship the notebooks back to a service location for all warranty work. You will also need to ask about the length of response time for fixing computer issues.

You need to be sure you have looked through a price list of warranty upgrades for your notebook PC as well as what is covered under various plans.

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