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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Marketing Tools for Your New Consulting Business

The biggest marketing mistake a new consultant can make is not focusing on a specific niche. Often those just starting out in the consulting business are more concerned with getting the word out about their skills and services to a specific region instead of to specific industry niches. Too many conduct direct mailing campaigns to cold contacts not realizing that this truly offers a miniscule guarantee of success.


As an IT consultant, you don’t necessarily have to focus on associations within the high-tech industry. Experts say that if you pick a niche that is struggling with IT issues, you can help create a place for your business in a very positive way.

Other IT consultants are finding their niches at small businesses with more than five but less than 50 users. They are big enough to have problems, but still small enough to not have their own IT staff.

Regardless of the niche you choose, it should fall within a comfortable place for your specific skill set. You should specialize in what you are good at instead of trying to do everything in the world of IT consulting.


Once you’ve targeted your niche and specialty, you can start your marketing campaign. Many experts suggest starting with referral marketing. Let your colleagues know about your business and rely on them to give recommendations to those they know looking for IT consulting people like yourself.

Networking through family and friends is also a viable option. Many times you will find friends of family members or even the family members themselves looking for IT consulting solutions for their businesses.


The marketing stage of the consulting business is a great opportunity to develop the materials you will need to hold the attention of the clients you attract. You will need far more than a business card to give to your prospect. Some suggestions for materials might include a one-page informational sheet about your company or a client questionnaire that will help guide you and your client through the initial meeting.

The important thing to remember is that the first few clients might not be paying clients. But even these will help cultivate long-term relationships and get the word out about your computer consulting business.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg