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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Computer Consulting: Proving Ground Projects Can Provide a Good First Step

In the computer consulting business, you can determine whether you and potential clients work well together through proving ground projects. You should use these projects in computer consulting before signing any long-term contracts.


Proving ground projects are initial projects completed by computer consulting professionals with new customers that are not long-term or regular clients. These projects are designed to display the knowledge of consultants along with their dependability, people skills and the value of their computer consulting services. These projects also help prove to consultants that customers have reasonable expectations, compatible personalities and are willing to pay for IT services at appropriate rates.


If things go well during proving ground projects, a computer consulting professional can be on the road to a new, steady client. But many times consultants forget to watch carefully during the proving ground project and end up beginning a long-term relationship with a difficult client. These problems happen when consultants miss important warning signs, including the following signals:

Constant mind-changing
Lack of punctuality
Verbal abuse of employees
Belief that important rules don’t apply to them.

As a computer consulting professional completing proving ground projects, don’t rush a relationship with a client until you are certain the customer is a good fit. Proving ground projects can help ensure both consultants and clients have the right expectations of each other from the beginning of the computer consulting relationship.

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