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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Computer Consulting Services and Handling Sensitive Client Information

When you are responsible for providing computer consulting services, you need to communicate to your prospects and customers that those with access to P2P servers can get to any file or folder on that server. Even the Microsoft Windows 9x/Me logon dialog box does not provide enough protection.


If a computer consulting services client does not believe how vulnerable their P2P server makes data, you can show them in about 90 seconds. You can use a boot disk and the Escape key, or boot it up in Safe Mode and show them that someone without any operating system awareness can expose the Microsoft Windows 9x/Me server to problems in a matter of seconds.

A dedicated server can help enforce logon procedures and offer local file security. Each user account can be assigned interactive logon access to the server. Similarly, a dedicated server can be locked when clients step away from their servers, manually or through a screen saver that is time sensitive.


Your computer consulting services clients can use a dedicated server to audit file usage on shared files with very little effort and no extra software. Auditing can help track sensitive files such as payroll, credit card data and other important elements. Auditing can also help track the use of resources such as color laser printers and check printers. The Microsoft Windows 9x/Me P2P server does not provide this option.

Make sure that you, a computer consulting services specialist discuss the many benefits of protecting data through use of a dedicated server with your clients to help them make the right decisions about their business networks.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg