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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

IT Consulting Firm AEC s.r.l. Partners with Centric Software

California-based leading product intelligence solution provider Centric Software renewed a reseller agreement with AEC s.r.l. Consulting, an IT consulting firm in Italy. AEC s.r.l. is known for its work with European apparel and other goods manufacturers and will now offer customers collection management solutions that will apply to thousands of items and allow for improved tracking, thanks to this new partnership. This will allow a secure web-based area that will allow for shared information, activity coordination and collaboration among employees.

The IT consulting firm is very excited to add Centric’s systems to its repertoire. This partnership will help AEC increase their global presence and speed up the manufacturing process. Demand for more new products drove the IT consulting firm to seek out alternative solutions, and because of the product intelligence technologies offered by Centric, AEC will be able to help choose the best products to bring to market, reduce the cycle times of development and meet increasingly demanding budgets and time constraints.

AEC Consulting recently helped Centric establish a relationship with Artsana, an apparel and children’s clothing manufacturer in Italy. This relationship has already helped the company learn more about how to specifically help AEC Consulting with its fashion work, in turn helping the latest partnership strengthen. The solutions provided by Centric will help expand an online presence to European operations as well as partners in the Far East.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg