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Thursday, June 01, 2006

IT Sales: Reaching Decision Makers in Small Businesses

There are several ways to communicate the benefits of hiring your computer consulting firm to install and support small business networks. The most important element is analyzing your client’s needs and offering a solution that will fit his budget. You can achieve this through the initial consultation, IT audit and site survey meetings.


The owner of a small business may not be the major decision-maker. While he might have the final say in many matters, the primary decision-maker for IT sales is usually what is termed the “internal guru” – an office manager, controller, vice president or even an owner’s spouse.

When plotting out your strategy for IT sales, figure out who is in charge of IT discussions and make sure that person is interested in both cost and how to best fulfill the company’s needs.


Often small business decision-makers will not be interested in the intricate details of the kind of server suite you propose installing as part of their network. As a part of your IT sales technique, be sure to stick to the concrete features, such as file storage and security, printer sharing, web browsing, e-mail and how they will send and receive faxes through the network.

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