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Saturday, June 10, 2006

IT Sales Techniques: Servers and LANs for Clients

A major part of running your own IT consulting firm is developing at least basic IT sales techniques to get your clients on-board. Because many small businesses resist change, you have to be prepared to find effective and persuasive ways to communicate differences between installation of a dedicated server and other less efficient alternatives.


When developing IT sales techniques for small business decision makers, you need to think about their greatest fears and hot buttons. You should overcome their objections and give them a strong message about investment return and potential savings.


Experts vary in their opinions about whether or not IT sales techniques can be taught and learned. Some believe that you are simply born with a gift to sell, and can’t be taught to do it more efficiently. Others feel the opposite and believe that while some have a natural talent for IT sales, those that do not can be trained to improve.

Small business computer consultants and staff have to use IT sales techniques within their comfort zone even if they are initially aversive to selling. The goal is to gain the tools to succeed, whatever your personality.

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