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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Computer Consulting: How Do I Find Paying Clients in the Beginning?

If you are just starting your computer consulting business with very basic support level technical skills, you should be sure your firm gets paying clients that fit in with what you can deliver.

You should work with home offices and small businesses or companies with really small P2P networks in the beginning in order to get some paying clients and references to help with future marketing endeavors.


While in the beginning these first one-shot deal clients will be important, you will eventually need to move past them to gain strength in the computer consulting business. You want a small business computer consulting firm designed around recurring revenue, on-going service agreements and more advanced server solutions. The key to success is in long-term client accounts.


If you think your lack of technical training is keeping you from getting clients that need more complex work done, create some time each week for training. If you run through tutorials and resource kits and install not-for-resale software to practice breaking installation and troubleshooting the setup process you will become more comfortable with different technical solutions.

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