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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Solution Provider Resources

Every solution provider and other IT professional looks for ways to keep abreast of the latest technologies and news in the IT field without compromising client time or service. There are many consolidated resources for any solution provider searching for ways to make finding the most up-to-date information fast and easy. Simply spending a few minutes each day reading through top news stories can be a good way to determine what new technology advancements or business information is worth a second look.

EE Times online provides a page of recent stories that show market forecasts and rankings for major players in the IT industry such as IC Insights Inc., iSuppli Corp., Gartner Inc., VLSI Research Inc., Semico Research Corp. and The Information Network. This allows any solution provider to quickly find important information that can help devise a marketing plan or simply make professionals aware of what the rest of the market is doing. Also offered is a catalogue of the most recent Q & A’s of CEOs and CTOs along with many other special features.

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