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Monday, June 05, 2006

Surmounting Client Fears in the Computer Consulting Business

Small business owners in the computer consulting business afraid of risk are similar to those that are reluctant to move forward with your small business network ideas. These small business owners know they have a need, but will keep putting off the project with your computer consulting business, maybe even indefinitely.


Those small businesses afraid to take risks will put off your proposal for a variety of reasons. They are truly afraid of what might happen if things go wrong during network installation. They are similarly afraid that once the network is installed by your computer consulting business, it will be painful to run, which can mean they will not sign off on the work. Other small business owners might become aversive to risk because they believe they might outgrow your networking solution too soon in the future.


Computer consulting businesses need to discuss the future with clients to help them see the growth options the networking solution is offering. The long-term plan is not just about adding more licenses for software or putting in another networking hub or switch. If part of their plans are just to add these licenses and install more hubs and switches, just be sure to highlight how inexpensive these options will be in the long run.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg