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Monday, June 05, 2006

Supporting Your Business with Technical Staff

You are in danger of training a future competitor if you don’t protect yourself by managing how you hire the expert technical staff for your company.

For example, your firm may hire a technical person and pay for the expert’s training in Microsoft, Cisco or Citrix. This person might become highly skilled and get a lot of experience in the field on your dime. One day the employee may wake up and decide he wants to start his own consulting company and take his clients with him.


The way to prepare for this possibility is not to hire on one technical person or one salesperson to handle all the related business in your company. Find out how you can become more involved in sales and service delivery, and even if you are not the go-to person with the strongest skills, making sure to keep in touch with all aspects of business will help keep prized clients loyal and keep client accounts strong.


Be sure to have technical staff sign non-compete clauses and non-disclosuer agreements when you hire new people, and talk to your attorney about the finer points. Pay attention and have a plan so you can anticipate any issues before they become crises that hurt the health of your business.

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