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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Wireless Ethernet Presents Business Opportunities for the IT Consultant

In 2002 a lot of vendors clamored to market 802.11 wireless Ethernet products believing them to be the next big thing in wireless networking. Quickly more types of Ethernet products emerged and most recently a newer 802.11g is set to take over the market. The best thing for IT consultants to do is to look for wireless Ethernet hardware that can handle all existing standards.


Wireless Ethernet is an excellent business opportunity for well-versed computer consultants. But because there is a large installed base of 802.11b products already and most 802.11a products are not compatible with the “b” version, the 802.11a often has a difficult time in the marketplace.

Wireless Ethernet will probably take over wired Ethernet as the main small business networking tool in the future, although it is unclear when this will happen. For the time being, small business computer consultants can still gain a lot from marketing and working with wireless Ethernet products.

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