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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Avnet Announces New HP OpenView Support for Solution Providers

Avnet Partner Solutions recently started a mentoring program for solution providers that sell Hewlett-Packard OpenView solutions. Avnet’s solution providers program will be called the Partner Assist program and is made specifically to help increase partner OpenView technical and sales efficiency. The program offers personal training, presales and help with implementation, along with custom-made lead generation and opportunities to prequalify for sales.

Avnet developed the program to help continue its remarkable growth in OpenView in the past year and also to assist solution providers as they work through HP’s recent acquisitions in the OpenView suite area, which have proved to be incredibly complicated. Many solution providers have been complaining about the amount of work that has been involved in sorting through new options and Avnet together with HP is using this program to respond to increased needs and also help gain additional partners.

As new technologies develop surrounding the HP OpenView management software package, Avnet will reshape the Partner Assist program. Avnet is already helping partners learn about new web applications and identity management.

This program is innovative because it uses mentoring partners to teach new skills. Avnet provides technical people to work with people inside fields. These technical professionals call customers directly to help figure out solutions to specific business problems they face.

HP has been trying to get solution providers to sell more of their products, particularly software, services and storage and have been responding by creating programs to help accomplish these goals. Partner Assist is not an extension of HP’s programs, but acts as an excellent accompaniment.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg