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Monday, July 17, 2006

Using Service Contracts as a Business Model

Service contracts are a critical part of any busy computer consulting practice. They can help consultants with time management when there are what seems to be too many clients, and setting them up efficiently will help you maximize time while also having some leftover for unexpected client emergencies.

Sometimes you may have many clients with simultaneous emergencies. Obviously during these times you can’t be there for all of them at the same time. Making a short list of clients you are obligated to in an emergency can be accomplished by setting up computer service contracts.

Using a service contract business model is crucial because it makes clients make decisions about how they want to use your services. It filters out those that aren’t committed to a long-term plan and helps you be in control of when you need to handle emergencies.

Computer service contracts also help clients know when they are a priority. Those that don’t have service contracts will be aware that your clients that do come first and will not expect you to jump on their command.

Service contracts will manage client expectations by setting clear parameters for your service. They will help you focus on providing the best services to committed clients and eliminate any guilt you might feel about putting off those that are not as committed during times of crisis.

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