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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Computer Business News: U.S. House Candidate Feels Broadband an Education Should Offer More Jobs

Peter Welch, a Democratic U.S. house candidate from Vermont stated recently he felt that education and broadband as delivered by companies in the computer business should provide opportunities for better paying jobs in his home state. He used a small electronics company, SB Electronics in Barre, VT that had stayed in business even in the face of international competitors to illustrate his point.

Welch took part in a news conference at SB Electronics in Barre and invited the 21 year-old founder of Optima Computers in Brattleboro. The small company was begun in the founder’s bedroom and has grown to 20 employees. Welch is convinced that the key to creating jobs is innovation, and that that innovation is exemplified by the computer businesses in the local area.

Part of Welch’s election campaign has been his assertion of a plan, once a member of Congress to do the following three things: encourage broadband Internet access throughout the state of Vermont; offer more educational funding so people are well-equipped to face challenges in the computer business and beyond and provide a staff member to helping Vermont-based companies seek out business.

Welch stated that in order to create more access to broadband Internet service, partnerships between businesses and the state and federal governments need to be more fully established. SB Electronics was used as an example of how Vermont businesses have used innovation to compete. The computer business began 20 years after a larger company became obsolete and has managed to continuously add jobs and also compete in the global marketplace. The computer business, which began with nineteen employees now houses 50, and while there have been struggles, a spokesperson states that its ability to continue to innovate and offer cutting-edge technology to clients has left it in a good position.

Welch hopes his proposals will help businesses like SB Electronics and the state of Vermont, along with other states that model his plan get into the thriving global economy and achieve healthier economic climates.

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