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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Three Most Important Aspects of Direct Mail Advertising

Because direct mail advertising is a very unpredictable type of marketing, it helps to the three most important aspects before you attempt to use it as part of your computer consulting business.


The headline you use is the number one element of direct mail advertising that will make or break the campaign. The headline needs to address the hot spots of your targeted audience, and this means you need to think of what you would do if you were if you were a consumer. Find out what is most appealing to your target and what his needs are, then speak to those needs directly in the headline of the direct mail advertising piece.


Your direct mail advertising campaign will fall flat if you don’t have the right lists of people to send it to. Since you are spending money to send out this mail, make sure the people that will receive your piece are members of the appropriate audience.


Your direct mail advertising has to clearly present a sales pitch in two steps, which will help spur your target to immediately respond. Make it clear that those reading the ad and responding to it must reserve a seat or request a report, or even set up a free no obligation analysis or other service. The purpose of direct mail advertising is not to sell your company or services; it is designed to convince a specific group to take action or to express interest. Good direct mail advertising pieces will provoke inquiries and responses. You don’t start selling your company until someone calls you.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg