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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Computer Consulting News: New Cyber-Sense Technology Improves Laptop Security

In computer consulting news last week the Boldt Co. received several high tech laptop computers that require user fingerprint identification. This new technology is one of the initiatives in an effort by the construction company to be sure employees can communicate better and with greater security both on and off the job site.

The access employees have to systems is restricted unless they have a password, according to company managers. The company also has implemented a system that does not allow all data to be accessible to all employees. Computer consulting firms working with the company have helped to devise solutions that help Boldt take appropriate precautions against security breaches. However, last month an employee computer was stolen while loaded with a CD that had personal identity information about over 10,000 veterans registered with the Veterans Administration. This brought about the idea to search for new technology to improve security with mobile devices.

Cyber-Sense is a biometric identification system that uses fingerprints instead of passwords to allow access to the system and helps deal with an old problem. While this new technology will not prevent theft of mobile devices, including laptops and Blackberries, it will help curb the dire consequences.

Computer consulting experts and employees of large companies agree that just because a company has strict policies regarding security in place does not mean they are always followed. Because everything has gone online in recent years, everything is vulnerable. Before this biometric technology, often employees found themselves having to remember 30 different passwords to get to all their valuable information, a process that can be tedious and time-consuming if any password is forgotten.

For those without biometric technology, computer consulting gurus recommend the following security procedures for data lockdown:

Hide the laptop from sight while traveling
Make the laptop look old or beat up to discourage thieves
Put an asset tag, engraved, with contact information for return if the device is lost, stolen or recovered and keep track of the model and serial number
Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software in order to create backup
Make sure to register the laptop with the manufacturer.

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