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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Right Customer Relationships Bring Financial Security

Customer relationships are the cornerstone of your computer consulting business because they will make or break your financial health and prosperity. You need to understand the different elements of customer relationships so you can figure out the risks involved as well as the benefits. There are essentially two types of customer relationships: steady, long-term clients and stepping-stone clients.


Long-term clients in the computer consulting business are your most important clients for business. They view you as n insurance policy because they can call you, pay you and know you will be there right away to take care of their problems. These customer relationships are built on trust; not only can they rely on you, but you can rely on them to pay you on time. If they didn’t pay you promptly, they would potentially destroy the relationship.


Stepping stone clients are not as healthy when it comes to customer relationships. They see you basically as a commodity rather than insurance against future problems. If you don’t show up to fix something, they think they can call the next company down the line to get the same service. Stepping-stone clients do not want to build long-term relationships with you and will not have problems with not paying on time or not paying at all.

You need to understand the different types of customer relationships involved in the computer consulting business if you want to find the right ones to support your business. You need long-term, steady customer relationships rather than stepping-stone customer relationships in order to build your computer consulting business. Build long-term customer relationships on maintenance agreements and you will find yourself with financial stability and many trusting and trustworthy clients.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg