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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The First Things Sweet Spot Clients are Looking for in a Computer Consulting Business

When you are offering business-to-business or B2B service, your ideal computer consulting business clients, otherwise known as “sweet spot” clients are companies that have 10-50 PCs and $1-10 million annual revenue. Sweet spot clients look for the following four qualities in their computer consulting businesses: response time; business and technical knowledge; customer service and price and value. This entry focuses on the first two items -- response time and knowledge


When a small business really needs IT, response time will be a huge factor in its selection of the right computer consulting firm. Since any downtime means lost funds, how quickly a computer consulting business can handle an emergency IT need is critical.


Your business and industry knowledge as a group of computer consulting business professionals is really important. How well do your employees understand a particular client’s niche and field? Sweet spot clients want tech providers that can solve business problems and technical problems simultaneously. The computer consulting business becomes the outsourced IT department for sweet spot customers. While you will definitely be offering hardware support, software support, LAN and WAN support you need to give clients complete solutions that include more than just technical fixes.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg