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Friday, July 28, 2006

What Do I Need to Be a Computer Consultant?

Maybe you have always wanted to be a computer consultant, but you are not sure if you could do it. If you have a basic knowledge of computer systems, great problem-solving skills and a love of working with people, you already have the main traits you need to be a good computer consultant.


In a regular IT job, your earnings potential and career advancement opportunities are, in the end, beyond your control. You can’t control incompetence around you, bad management or a skewed seniority system. Becoming a computer consultant eliminates many of these issues. You get control over your future. You will never have to work with incompetent people if you don’t want to, and you can find new clients to replace ones that don’t work well with you. You can be guaranteed that the people paying you $100 per hour for your expertise value you too; if they didn’t, they wouldn’t pay you.


Those working as computer consultants are part of a steadily growing market that thrives on diverse services. Every company today needs some form of IT assistance, and as a computer consultant you have the potential of an unlimited pool of clients and a long-lasting career.

You may wonder why you would want to become a computer consultant when so many people are doing it. Competition is actually one of the best things for computer consultant; it signifies that the industry is healthy and growing. You wouldn’t want to be part of an industry where no one else was succeeding. As with in any other viable business, many computer consultant companies are badly run and have a problem satisfying their customers. This is your opportunity to provide a cost-effective solution that focuses on your clients and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

As technology grows, more opportunities are created. While some technologies will become obsolete in the future, new ones will emerge.


If you are the one everyone looks to in your office or among your friends and family for help with computer problems, you already have a good start as a potential computer consultant. You don’t have to be an expert in every type of technology to be a good computer consultant. Many of your skills gaps can be filled in by finding good partners with strengths that compliment your weaknesses.


If you are an employee of the computer industry, the transition to computer consultant is a good one. It will increase your income and give you many other benefits. You can start by moonlighting to find out if you like being a computer consultant without giving up your day job. You can also start to build a list of clients and references to give yourself a head start.


Being a computer consultant goes beyond technical knowledge. You need to be self-motivated, have the ability to work even without someone looking over your shoulder and be able to multi-task and fulfill many different functions, from accounting and marketing to sales and operations.

Maybe these items sound overwhelming. However, while all the above skills are important to being successful as a computer consultant, there are ways you can manage them through delegation and other techniques without completely killing yourself.

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