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Friday, July 07, 2006

How Virtual IT and Computer Consulting Work Together

Most computer consulting companies have the wrong idea about IT, but as a computer consulting company owner or manager, there are specific measures you can take to help reshape your own thinking about it and achieve greater business success.


Many computer consulting company owners and managers complicate their businesses by getting too wrapped up in technology. They view their small business clients second to keeping up with the latest trends and dealing with gadgets. Those with this attitude fall under the label of “clueless geek.” As a computer consulting expert, your first priority is recruiting and keeping small business clients, a priority that should never be usurped by keeping up with the latest in IT. As a true computer consulting professional, you should love business opportunities that arise from solving huge client problems with your best IT solutions.


In order to truly understand the important mission of your computer consulting business, you need to think about virtual IT. Virtual IT will make your computer consulting company work as part of your small business client companies. Your computer consulting company will become your subcontracted IT department for your clients. You will take on the role of CIO, CTO or IT manager, and like any thorough IT department, your virtual IT computer consulting business will be responsible for providing and organizing a variety of services, including help desk, desktop support, network admin, engineering, security training, procurement and asset management.

To make your computer consulting company shine, you have to totally “get” the concept of virtual IT and make it a part of every major decision you make for your company.

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