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Friday, July 07, 2006

The Essential Mobile Office Kit

A mobile office kit is incredibly important for any computer consultant. The following supplies are necessary for you as a consultant when working out of your car or on the road.

1. Non-homemade, yet still affordably-made business cards. You should not spend more than $60-$100, and you shouldn’t get more than 1,000 at any given time.

2. A subscription to a fax-to-email service. You can get this for $15 a month or less and it will send faxes to your e-mail inbox.

3. A notebook computer should be your primary system so you have the critical component of your mobile office kit with you all the time.

4. A quality pocket tape or digital recorder will allow you to dictate notes and ideas at a moment’s notice and can help you record important information efficiently.

5. Having a tool bag with a PC tool kit as part of your mobile office kit will make you look more professional because you will never be caught borrowing from clients or running to the store to get the appropriate cable.

6. A pocket calendar can help you enter in important information and then, most importantly, track it later when you need to recall your week’s or month’s activities.

7. Bring a roll of coins so you are prepared for meter parking, tolls or any other situation that arises with your vehicle.
8. A mobile office kit will include a label maker. Even an inexpensive one can help you overtake sticky notes with professional-looking labels.

9. Glossy contact information labels will impress clients and help them remember to call you. You should buy a fairly big roll o glossy labels and give them to clients and prospects so they can put them on their computers and remember you when they have a problem.

10. A mobile office kit will also include magnetic signs for your car that help you make your car into an ad for your services. Lettering or graphics can make this sign memorable as well.

Computer consultants spend a lot of time in their cars. If your mobile office kit is as well-stocked as your home office, you will be able to be as efficient as possible while working from your vehicle and make your business more profitable.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg