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Saturday, July 01, 2006

IT Support and Required Expertise

In the world of small business IT support, expertise can be at many different levels. As an example, in a big-business IT organization there will be level one help desk technicians all the way through senior systems engineers and lastly the CIO. You will find a lot of variations of these positions and different definitions of levels. However, each IT support person will be an expert within his/her own specialty.

The same will be true of expertise levels and positions among IT support contractors and staff. You will probably be confronted by technicians that can handle very simple tasks like had drive installations or LAN adapter installations. You may have people on staff that can handle installing a simple P2P network or even a very basic dedicated server. You may also have someone working with server firewalls or setting up VPNs and other advanced systems.


Most successful IT support employees in small businesses are either very technically savvy or very sales savvy. Consultants outstanding in both areas are a very rare occurrence in the realm of IT support.

The very best technicians and engineers will have good people skills that will be handy during a larger project. As an example, when an IT support person is installing a 10 or a 25-node network, these people skills will be important, because there are many different vendor products and solutions from different sources involved and a lot can go awry. Therefore, project management, administrative skills and accounting skills are incredibly important to IT support.

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