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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Tool for Solution Providers Helps Automate

Many managers and solution providers overlook the maintenance of organizational charts even though this process is critical to business. A workforce modeling tool from HumanConcepts, OrgPlus can help growing companies manage increasing tracking complications that arise when company structures change. This tool for solution providers can help streamline processes and increase work potential.

OrgPlus automates any process by connecting two organizational charts. With this tool, administrators can delegate tracking responsibilities to multiple employees, and they can implement changes and work in a team simply by using the software. Similarly, managers can have an automated system that allows them to combine the different solutions presented by others in the company without spending valuable time sorting through massive amounts of data. OrgPlus allows managers to get all employee and organization information into one database. OrgPlus has been reviewed by many solution providers and acts as middleware for a human resource department because it consolidates all data from any HR system into one place.

Besides offering visual tools to help store information, OrgPlus offers a certain level of analytics allowing users to create reports and dashboards using external reporting and business intelligence. This program also allows IT departments the freedom of modeling structural changes. It can import data from software such as Business Objects and MicroStrategy that can help test out the possible impact of reorganization projects before they are carried out.

Solution providers looking to add OrgPlus to their systems can start with the free OrgPlus Express tool that can give them an idea of the basic possibilities of the system. OrgPlus is capable of growing as the organization grows. Pricing varies depending on the number of employees in an organization, but goes from $300 for small businesses to $20,000 or more for large enterprises.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg