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Monday, July 10, 2006

Simple Tips for PC Troubleshooting

Every small business should enlist the help of a reputable and reliable computer consulting firm to handle major computer problems. But sometimes PC troubleshooting is simple enough for even the most technically unconfident professionals. The advice is simple: always reboot.

Many times in a panic over a potentially lost file or system failure, people will overlook simple solutions when it comes to PC troubleshooting. Before you make an expensive call to your computer consulting expert, complete the following steps:

1. Exit out of programs and files you are working on.

2. Follow through with a simple shutdown and restart procedure.

About ten to twenty percent of the time, rebooting will solve your woes when it comes to PC problems. But what if your problem is hardware related, such as with a sound card or a mouse? If you think you might have a hardware malfunction, take the simple reboot procedure one step further. Go to your start menu and shut down your PC, assuming it didn’t shut down on its own. Then turn the power off for a minute or more. Restart your computer to see if the problem fixed itself. Many times a reboot is the answer.

Conserving your IT budget and sparing yourself the embarrassment of a phone call to your IT professional is sometimes no more difficult than a simple reboot. Save your money for major, complicated computer problems and help your business be more efficient.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg