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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Next Step With IT Audits

Once you’ve completed IT audits, it’s time to plan. You should make a spreadsheet that lists next steps and due-dates to help push business along.

Once you’ve started a strong relationship with clients and have finished IT audits, you should be able to move into the mode of planning and setting up a spreadsheet, organizing it by the month. You may find some things that have to be completed this month, some that will be able to wait a month and others that will get put on a wish list for farther into the future.


A wish list contains items that will have to be done because of vendor or regulatory agency rules or because a product the clients are using is being phased out and won’t be able to be used anymore. Regardless of the reason, wish list projects will have very specific due dates. Keep track of wish list items the same way a full-time IT manager would. Organize them by the month and look at them as part of your up-coming revenue.


Your first job after IT audits is organizing your task list. You can set up an Excel spreadsheet with some columns, including Month, Task, Labor Cost Estimate, Product Cost Estimate for software, hardware and a column in case you need to hire an outside contractor.

If you are organized, you will be able to plan ahead while still following clients’ ideas.

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