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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tech Data Gives Solution Providers a New Apple Support Program

Tech Data, a leading distributor recently introduced a new program for Apple solution providers to help them more efficiently develop, sell and support Apple-based business products. The AppleAdvantage SBU (Specilized Business Unit) began in June and is meant to be a resource for Apple VARs with technical assistance needs, sales support and product management resources.

Tech Data insists that solution providers specializing in Apple products need to have easy access to experts that know what technologies will work well with different types of businesses. Customers and solution providers contacting AppleAdvantage SBU know they are getting professionals that really know about solutions that are specific to Apple technologies.

Many solution providers and consultants have already been using the new Tech Data program, and many that have worked with Apple products for 10 years or more, including network design, integration services and all the standard Apple software products. Those that have used SBU state that they have been able to use a large amount of resources, including infrastructure support and people that specialize in Apple products. The program can easily work as an extension of a sales department.

Tech Data can also host Apple-based solution providers in its large TDSolutions Center in Clarwater, Florida that showcases many IT solutions including networking, VOIP, security, basic document management and many other solutions.

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