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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What Computer Consulting Business is the Right One For You?

You have two options when opening a computer consulting business; you can be independent or become part of a larger franchise. The option you choose depends on whether you want to grow your business by yourself or get some help along the way. There are pros and cons of being independent and of being part of a larger franchise.


During the startup of your computer consulting business you will have to spend several months getting your name out by meeting people and networking. You will also have to follow up on leads, create many proposals and go out on countless sales calls. And all this work will have to be done before you get many or any billable computer consulting projects. Just because you decide to buy into a franchise doesn’t mean you won’t have to do this networking and extra work or that problems will go away entirely. You should think realistically when deciding to buy into a franchise or go independent.


The right decision about your computer consulting business is different from what the right decision for someone else might be. The type of computer consulting business you choose depends upon what you are looking for, what skills you have and how much time and how many financial resources you have.

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