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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Build Business Relationships -- Especially When You Know No One

You probably find it very difficult to create business relationships when you don’t yet know anyone. Whether you are new to town, unfamiliar with the area or are not part of a business organization, the only way to start business relationships is to just start doing it. If you are a relatively new computer solution provider, you probably have not yet started to fully understand the importance of business relationships, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump right in.


There is no real way to speed up the process of building business relationships. They are about time and numbers, meaning you must put in time with people to get larger numbers of contacts. The 90/10 rule applies to the cultivation of business relationships, meaning that or every ten hours of time, nine you should spend working on your business relationships and the other one hour keeping abreast of technological advances.

To speed up the building of relationships, just put in a regular 8-10 hours per week joining business organizations and taking part. You should go to two or three events per week instead of that same number per month. If you carry out this process, you will meet 80-100 people and increase your chances of developing very strong business relationships.

You can’t create strong business relationships overnight. If you don’t know anyone or are new to the area, be proactive about going out and getting active in the community and in business organizations.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg