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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Getting Past the First IT Consulting Sales Call

IT sales is about getting past the first sales call and moving towards the future. You need to be in control of the conversation and move your prospect towards IT sales. The IT sales call revolves around qualifying the lead and not wasting time on prospects that just want to get some information for free, which happens often with IT sales. How do you move past the first sales call and onto a greater relationship?


Most prospects will call you and give you a series of interview questions. Typically, you might not even know when an IT sales call turns into them grilling you because they will overwhelm you with questions and end up getting more out of you than you anticipated.

You need to draw a clear line that tells prospects you are not willing to go any further with answering questions until they deal with the problems they have outlined. You should provide them with your ideas on recommended next steps or open up a dialogue about what is going to happen next.

When you are done with the IT sales presentation, immediately move prospects towards the next step, which would be to have you or a technician come back and do a site survey.


The site survey will help inventory problems and help you deal with them. That way you and your prospect can decide what will come first, second, third and fourth in the process of handling issues. You should give your client a report and document everything, including security, software licensing, data protection and any other issues that are important.

Once the process of IT sales during the initial call is ending, offer a site survey and explain clearly what it is and how it can help solve problems. The site survey is your first closing attempt, and will prevent you from spending hours giving away too much information and save you from working with a non-serious client.

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